Counter Mats

Increase your brand awareness with counter mats produced by Mayer Australia.

Eye catching and totally customisable, PVC counter mats are a great way to get your brand seen.

Mayer Australia has a history of producing customised PVC counter mats and is always striving to deliver the latest design and production methods to clients who require that “something different”. Many years of insight and experience from working with PVC to produce  personalised counter mats has placed us as one of the leaders in PVC manufacturing innovation.

The team at Mayer are able to offer a huge range of PVC colours that can then be manufactured into customised sizes to suit a diverse range of specific needs. With the ability to add pockets, encapsulated artwork and customisable dimensions… the potential is almost limitless.

Your customised PVC counter mats may be developed from the spark of a concept… or they can be produced around existing designs and artwork using digital print, screen print or foil stamping. Mayer’s sales, graphics and technical team can walk you through the process at any stage to ensure your custom PVC counter mat is developed and manufactured to your exact requirements.