Casemade Sample Boxes

Mayer Australia is a trusted designer and manufacturer of  high quality, customised case made sample boxes.

The process of “covering” board in durable materials in referred to as “case making”. Mayer Australia has long been a manufacturer of customised case made products. Customised sample boxes are just one of the products that can be manufactured using the case made production techniques.

Design studios and sales teams have been using Mayer Australia to turn their concepts of high end product packaging into completed case made sample boxes. Mayer has produced case made sample boxes for needs as diverse as the boxes themselves… ranging from product launches through to the packaging and presentation of medical industry products . Mayer Australia’s approach to producing customised case made sample boxes is to journey with our clients…minimising the daunting nature of getting an idea into a tangible product. Mayer Australia’s case made design and production team use their expertise and understanding to ensure the highest possible standards are met. From initial concept sketches through to prototyping and sample making, high levels of communication are maintained with our clients as their ideas take shape. At Mayer Australia, we strive to ensure that every detail of a customised case made sample box is handled with care and to the highest quality.

The close communication with our trusted suppliers, allows Mayer Australia to offer an ever changing range of covering materials that can be used on our custom case made products. From full colour printed- cello glazed stock through to faux leather and soft touch substrates, case made products deliver a high quality and outstanding corporate option for companies seeking customised case made sample boxes.

From developing layouts and communicating artwork requirements, Mayer Australia has the experience and proven track record of delivering the highest possible standards in custom case made sample boxes.

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