Mayer now Hamelin


On the 20th April, 2018, the following notice was released care of Frank Troquay – Managing Director of Hamelin Brands Pty. Ltd.

Dear Valued Mayer Customer,

I am pleased to announce that the French Hamelin Group, have entered into a principal partnership arrangement with Mayer Plastics Pty. Ltd, having secured a controlling interest in the business.  Hamelin is very excited to be entering the Australian Market and is looking forward to developing a strong and enduring relationship with all Mayer customers and clients.

The Hamelin Group is a long established, family owned business and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office, education and school products, recognised globally for a strong industrial focus and aggressive innovation strategies, brand awareness and manufacturing.  Hamelin employs more than 2200 employees worldwide and with revenues of more than 400 million Euros per annum is well placed to take its Australian operation to the next level of innovation, quality and service.

Mayer Australia will be a subsidiary of Hamelin Brands Pty. Ltd.   Gail Wilkinson and the experienced team at Mayer will continue to provide the service and expertise you have come to expect.  Hamelin will offer synergies that mesh and align with Mayer’s approach in offering custom design, print and manufacturing solutions to its valued customers, and represents an exciting new opportunity for Mayer to further grow and develop.

We look forward to working with you and together creating new and exciting opportunities.

Yours Truly,

Franck Troquay

Managing Director

Hamelin Brands Pty. Ltd.





Mayer is now proud to stock a new and exciting range of Polypropylene!

ECORANGE is the worlds first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet.

Recycled content ranges from 50% to 100%.

This new range is non-toxic, 100% Tree free and 100% Australian made… So no carbon footprint!

For more info, click to view the ecorange fact-sheet