Polypropylene Wallets

Australian businesses looking for that cutting edge in branding and presentation turn to Mayer Australia to design and manufacture their customised Polypropylene satchels

Polypropylene wallets can be personalised using a variety of methods such as foil stamping, screen print and digital print. Our graphics and print specialists have helped many businesses bring their ideas for custom poly wallets to life.

Wallets are a great way for keeping your travel documents, credit cards, notes and other important information safe.

Polypropylene is just one of Mayer Australia’s substrates used for producing custom wallets to suit the specific needs of our clients. With the ability to be cut, folded and formed into almost any shape imaginable, Polypropylene lends itself perfectly to satchels of all shapes and sizes

Mayer is able to offer a diverse range of poly colours and thicknesses thanks to the close professional relationships maintained with our suppliers… Poly is a great material for the eco-minded brand who are conscious of their footprint when it comes to branding and promotional materials. With the ability to add pockets, folding tabs, compartments… the potential is almost limitless.

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