Bespoke Packaging

At Mayer, we work closely with our clients, developing custom boxes and premium packaging designs that enable our clients to stand out from the crowd. If it is premium magnetic closure gift boxes, luxurious presentation boxes or a clamshell gift box, the highly skilled team at Mayer Australia will ensure your bespoke packaging is given the care and attention to detail you require. 

Generally speaking, our bespoke packaging options follow an age-old process of manufacturing known as “case making”. This is where thick board is carefully covered with unique, and often textured materials. The result is an outstanding finish, that is not only visually eye catching, it is a process that is renowned for its tactile feel. It is a covering process that sets this high standard with multiple finishing and embellishing options available such as foil stamping, de-bossing and print – all that can be used to set your product on a new benchmark in brand awareness and customer experience. So why settle for an “off the shelf” limited range of unbranded, boring cardboard boxes when your product is screaming out for a unique opportunity to be seen, experienced and remembered.

When it comes to box design, at Mayer, we believe no two products are the same, so why should our clients be confined to stock standard sizing, limited options and restricted potential. Our ability to create internal shelving, trays and cut-outs can open up an entire universe of “wow factor”. 

Mayer has built a focus on customer service and uniquely designed boxes that make your product the hero it needs to be in this competitive environment.

So whatever your need, get in touch so we can talk about the products involved, their sizes, the quantities required and any particular considerations so we can agree the specifications and get your needs met and your products beautifully packaged.

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